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Risk Analysis and Security Evaluation

We live in a rapidly changing world where new threats and risks are a daily occurrence. Our service is designed to support our client organizations with cost effective analysis and solutions for broad spectrum risks.  

 Our focus is on "layered security" using common sense procedures and applications rather than costly single system fixes. We will evaluate your physical location, review you current procedures and policies and help develop a plan to increase your security posture without breaking the bank! We can help you design in office training programs to assist your personnel if identifying situations which may dictate further action and develop a plan for addressing those situations.

C-TPAT (U.S. Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)


We can provide application assistance for the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. From initial review of company procedures through the application process and to the validation phase, Due Diligence Consulting is experienced with each phase of the project and the needs presented in each step.

Validation / Re-Validation Support  Our Consultants offer a comprehensive review of your C-TPAT program prior to validation and re-validation to ensure all aspects of your security profile are functioning the way they should be for an upcoming CBP review. We can offer solutions to any detected area in need of improvement before the actual validation step.

Why Us?

Faced with an ongoing problem or have you detected a weakness in your security process? We can evaluate what steps have already been taken and what alternative steps may be necessary to resolve repeated incidents or detected weaknesses. We are not providers of any security hardware, we offer alternatives and layered security processes as a methodology for reducing or eliminating certain risks to your business. We do not believe in one the dimensional security approach that eats up large sums of operating capital and only provides a single layer of security. Our focus is to understand the weakness and suggest several alternatives which may reduce or eliminate the risk that can be flexible and adjusted to changing threats in the future. Our professional auditors have years of experience in law enforcement at both the local and federal levels.


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