Risk Analysis, Safety and Training

Soft Target Hardening

Understanding your organizations or groups vulnerabilities is paramount in designing systems necessary to become a "harder target". Our focus is on "layered security" using common sense procedures and applications rather than costly single system fixes. We will evaluate your physical location, review you current procedures and policies and help develop a plan to increase your security posture without breaking the bank!

Our professional auditors are accustomed to working with private corporations and public entities and understand the particular needs each present when evaluating and upgrading the security plan. 

We offer training based on your particular needs so that your personnel are better trained to spot suspicious behavior, and know how to respond.

Workplace Safety

Our professional trainers have taught - Active Shooter - Prevention and Response

Workplace Investigations - how to determine if a person being interviewed is less than forthcoming with the facts.

Workplace Violence Training and Investigations remain a "mine field" for untrained managers we can help avoid the pitfalls.

Inappropriate Conduct within the workplace is frequently reduced to one party versus another's word. We train you interviewers when analyzing statements what common uses of grammar can indicate an effort to hide facts.

Our Partners